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An Essay On The Non-lawsuit Administrative Execution System

Posted on:2008-09-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Non-lawsuit administrative executive is the main mode of present compulsory execution, and is playing an important role in judicial practice. In our country, non-lawsuit administrative execution case occupies the all-administrative case generally above 70%. But there are few laws on non-lawsuit administrative execution system. So urgent conducts the fundament research to it, leads the law system the perfection.The paper divides into five chapters: First chapter, concept and nature of non-lawsuit administrative execution. Chapter two is to classify and investigate the administrative executive system of foreign countries. Third chapter includes the history and present situation of the non-lawsuit administrative execution system. Chapter four is to analysis the flaw and questions of the non-lawsuit administrative execution system. The last chapter is to propose some suggestions to perfect legal laws and regulations.
Keywords/Search Tags:non-lawsuit administrative execution, history and present situation, flaw and questions, improvement
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