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Evolvement Of America-Russia Relationship And Deep-level Source Of Their Contradiction

Posted on:2009-08-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360245985900Subject:International politics
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After the Cold War the situation of one-super-power with several great powers gradually came into being. Relationships between big powers present new features. With the development and promotion of globalization interdependence and cooperation of different countries of the world on different fields are getting deeper. The interaction of the US and Russia as two big powers in the world society and the development and changes of their relationship are always influencing other countries of the world. The America-Russia relationship going up and down not only exhibits the current changes in the content of the international relations, but also remains to be the major contradictory point in analyzing international situation. Especially after 9·11 Affair the US and Russia established the strategic partner relationship based on demands of each other. But in large, owing to the fundamental contradiction on the fields of geopolitics, economy and culture, the America-Russia relationship presents more contradictive than corporative, and more dispraised than understanding.The theoretic analysis on complicated America-Russia relationship is based on not only abundant data, but also the basic theories. So the main method in this thesis is analysis that link with data and theories and applies the basic theories of international relations on the analysis of problems between the US and Russia.This thesis consists of three parts. The first part mainly recalls the developing course and evolvement of the America-Russia relationship after 9·11 Affair. It takes the important affairs as great turning point which divides their relationship into three periods: mutual cooperated period after 9·11 Affair, slowly developing period after the Iraq War, and cold relation period after Munich Security Policy Meeting. Following the order of the development of history I recounted the developing course of the relationship between the two countries from cooperation to divergence and finally to conflicts, and made foreshadow for the analysis on the deep-level sources of their contradictions.The second part mainly describes the typically important affairs, which caused the contradictions of the US and Russia, including problems related to Anti-terrorism, NATO Enlargement, the System of Anti-missile to be established in East Europe and CIS, and makes analysis focus on the profound contradictions of them presented in the affairs above. After 9·11 affair, with the consideration of its national interests Russia positively made comparatively closed cooperation with America in order to obtain good conditions and external environment of development and rejuvenate its national power. As the major country launching the War Against Terrorism, the US gradually advanced its strategic goals and gained its strategic interests in a series of cooperation with Russia. Finally the contradictions of the US and Russia were presented distinctly because they have different goals on cooperation with unstable basis. Description and objective analysis of the typical affairs in this part would be the grounds of argument for the exploration of the deep-level sources of the contradictions between the US and Russia in the last part.In the last part I analyzed the deep-level sources of the contradictions between the US and Russia on the level of geopolitics, economy and culture with the basic theories of international relation. Firstly, the trouble and chess playing in resent years between the US and Russia as two great powers of the world nowadays are deeply related to their interests of geopolitics. The deep contradictions between the US and Russia were significantly caused by the conflicts of different geopolitical views and the various appeals of geopolitics, which is just one of the sources of their contradictions. Secondly, economy leads super structure. The conflicts of long-term economic target of the US and Russia and different advantages of resources in their hands destine the two countries to be in the situation of competition for a long term. Finally, cultural element is one of the deep-level sources of the US and Russia as well. It will be exerting a long and profound influence over the diplomatic actions and foreign policies of the two countries. Therefore the conflict of cultural and religious traditions of the US and Russia is the rooted reason for the complicated development of their relationship.
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