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Researching About Supervising Mechanisms Of Non-Profit Organization In Our Country

Posted on:2009-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360248950328Subject:Administrative Management
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Deepening development of government reform supply large space for non-profit orgnazation in our country. Non-profit orgnazation begun to participant in the government of social services. Non-profit organization can be defined as:fomal orgnazations to achieve the aim of public interest,not profit,independent,voluntary participation.Study of non-profit orgnazation in our academia started late,theoretical studies can't meet the development status of non-profit orgnazation in our country,especially the study about building supervision mechanism is not a system.The establishment of a reasonable and effective supervision mechanism have certain academic value and practical significance for the development and theoretical studies of non-profit orgnazation.The supervision mechanism is a relationship of interaction between various elements and the way of operation. Generally,the supervision mechanism of non-profit organizations, including the external supervision mechanism and internal mechanism, as self-discipline and other discipline.Combination of self-discipline and other discipline is the way of improving supervision mechanism.Non-profit organization supervising mechanism embodied in the main characteristics:double management,centralized registration,restricting compentition.At present, there are many pressing problems in supervision mechanism of our country.At the point of other discipline, the laws and government regulations is unreasonable, social supervision is weak; At the point of self-discipline, industry self-discipline and supervision in orgnazation can not play the role. On the basis of concluding experience in the supervision of non-profit organizations some foreign countries,from two ways of self-discipline and other discipline,provide the feasible recommendations to improving supervision mechanism,to create a favorable external environment for development of non-profit orgnazation in our country and guide it play an important role in the social affairs management.
Keywords/Search Tags:non-profit orgnazation, supervising mechanism, government management, social supervising, industry self-discipline
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