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On China In The New Era Of Special Service Order Management Industry Construction

Posted on:2009-08-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360272476056Subject:Political Theory
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Special security industry the administration of public security management is an important part of that, at present, China's public security organs are being explored with Chinese characteristics to manage the security model of development and the establishment of the socialist market economy adapt to the new security management mechanism. This paper described the present stage of domestic and foreign special services for the management of several of China's special history of the development of the industry, After direct access to the theme, By this stage in China's national conditions and special trade management analysis of the establishment of a service-oriented special trade management model will However, the final component to highlight special service industry management practices of the security proposals.This paper is divided into four parts:The first part of the special security management industry in general pattern analysis. First on the part of the special services and special trade order management model of the concept; Secondly, from Western governments through administrative reform and governance in China Road and special security management of the industry for future special services order management reform of the five directions: that the market management style, participation in the management model, flexible management style, service-oriented management, electronic police management model; Finally, the first part of China since the founding of the three historical periods of boundaries more complete description of a special trade order management model in the historical process of change.The second part of our basic industries special this stage of the analysis. The analysis is part of the major reform of the system of administrative examination and approval after China's special trade status and the development of special industries that at this stage rule Security management model lag and the urgent need for reform.The third component is proposed service-oriented management model. Part from the three shows that China special trade order management mode to a service-oriented management of the inevitability of change, They are: the socialist market economy; the change of government functions after join in WTO; with the requirements of democratization.The fourth part of the special service industry management system in construction. The transcript is part of the focus, The first three parts are discussed in order to explain that China needs to build a service-oriented industries special order management models, and the fourth part of this building is a service-oriented management model of the specific implementation measures. First proposed perfecting its legal system, a management mode are in need of legal support, it will not be able to perform; then put forward to reform the current management, the establishment of a new management mechanism, the "service" management, emphasize service and dilute management. Finally, the article pointed out the need to foster a belief in service, through ideological education for the police to establish a modern "service-oriented" management philosophy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Special industry, The administrative examination and approval system, Service order management
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