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Study On The Technical Innovation Legal System In The United States

Posted on:2009-12-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360272486658Subject:Economic Law
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After entering the new century, the integration of science and technology,economic and society has accelerated, the world has entered into the unprecedentedtechnical innovation stage. Technical innovation has become the most importantpropelling force for the national development and progresses, and the ability oftechnical innovation has become the determining factor which is leading the countrycompetition and the pattern of world. Nowadays, facing to the overall tendency of thedevelopment of technology and economy, the United States takes technical innovationas the national basic strategy. In order to support, promote and safeguard technicalinnovation, the United States formulates several technical innovation policies andtechnical innovation laws, and has formed a set of perfect technical innovation lawsystem gradually; technical innovation is promoted and safeguarded by the legalsystem successfully.On the basis of the domestic and foreign existing theories, practice and thescholars'research mentality and viewpoint, this article analyzes and researches thetechnical innovation legal system in the United States comprehensively andsystematically, and then gives some proposal for the perfecting of technicalinnovation law system in our country. At first, this article analyzes the status oftechnical innovation law system in the'innovative America'strategy and elaboratesthe contribution of law system to technical innovation in the United States. In thesecond part, this article analyzes and appraises the system and the characteristics oftechnical legislation, and then elaborates the relationship between technicalinnovation policy and technical innovation law. In the third part, this article points outthat the technical innovation legal system in the United States consists of the technicalresearch and development legal system, the technical achievements legal system andthe technical innovation motivation mechanism, and analyzes and appraises each partof legal system comprehensively and systematically. Finally, by summarizing thesuccessful experiences in the United States and the actual development situation oftechnology in our country, this article gives some proposal such as establishingtechnical innovation legal system, enhancing the technical investment, strengthening the protection of technical achievements with the intellectual property rights law,pushing the transformation of technical achievements with effective institutionalarrangement and perfecting the technical innovation motivation mechanism to perfectthe technical innovation legal system in our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technical Innovation, Technical Legislation, Technical Innovation Policy, Technical Innovation Legal System
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