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Research On Firm Of Venture Investment Organization By Law

Posted on:2009-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q T PuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360272955662Subject:Economic Law
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Venture Investment Law is an effective protection system, that is proven in practice by The United States and other developed countries, however, Venture Investment in China's legal system did not receive the attention to the construction industry, the existing system has become the main obstacles of China's venture investment development.The author is trying to go through this paper, to point out the problems of venture investment organizations, in the form of micro and macro aspects of defects, and then proposed some corresponding measures. In this paper, entitled " Research on Firm of Venture Investment Organization's Choice by Law", the article includes four chapters and conclusion.ChapterⅠ, the author briefly introduces the major developed countries of venture investment's organization. The two companies form that the limited partnership and the company, which differences of incentive mechanism, operating costs, and restraint mechanism, and other areas. Limited partnership is the most appropriate form of venture investment organizations.ChapterⅡ, the author used China's venture investment's development and characteristics to be a point of penetration, and mainly used data, charts and other visual form to make the track of China's venture investment institution's development.ChapterⅢ, the author focus on the position system of government with venture investment, analyzing the law of China's macro-venture investment, and then saluting it, and corresponding the specific system construction views venture investment of limited partnership form.Finally, author thinks that China's venture investment organization should be separated for two stages. We should improve the current system of venture investment firms right now, laying the foundation to the form of limited partnership.
Keywords/Search Tags:Venture Investment, Venture Investment Organization, Limited Partnership, Company, Positioning System of Government
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