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The Method Of Research On Building Up The Public Servicing Government

Posted on:2009-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360272963495Subject:Administrative Management
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To build a better government and to promote reform is a task significant to build a well-off society in an all-round way, to complete a socialist market economy system, and to enhance the CPC's ability of administration. It is also an inherent requirement of CPC's principle of "serving the people heart and soul, working for the public". In March, 2004, Premier Wen Jiabao pointed out that "We have to build a service oriented government to serve parties in the market, to serve the society, and to serve the people ultimately." From the evolution of public administration, the reason why government exists is "to serve". Classic works of Marx strengthened the thought of "civil servants as public servants". Doors of every level of government were all marked "People". Contents of "A service oriented government" include people oriented service principle, government administration based on the rule of law as service standard, performance evaluation as service tests, and discipline of tracking service responsibilities etc. It is necessary for the central government to impose specific requirements of building a national public service oriented government. Local governments should adopt sufficient measures to positively and steadily promote building a public service oriented government. Virtually, since the 90s in the twentieth century, "Service oriented government" has become a term frequently mentioned by government officials of different levels and scholars. It is an important goal of China's administrative reform in a new stage.After learning Premier Wen Jiabao's explanations of a service oriented government in the third meeting of National People's Congress Annual Sessions in 2005, and referring to opinions of scholars, the author thinks that: A so-called "service oriented government" is a government competent in providing high quality public goods for the whole society equally, openly and efficiently. Building a service oriented government is a task more challenging than restructuring the economic systems which requires ultimate transformation of the government from management concepts, management functions, management systems, management measures and behavior patterns.This article discusses from four perspectives the route of building a public service oriented government, in the hope of accomplishing "a regulative government" to "a service oriented government", to achieve the goal of a people oriented and harmony society, to make the government truly a all for people, all for the service of people credible government. The first chapter introduces concepts and contents of a service oriented government. The second chapter refers to administrative reform and building a service oriented government practices and states its significance to its application in China. The third chapter is the highlight of this article. It mainly deals with practices of several typical cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Changzhi and specifies measures and processes by local governments in building a service oriented government. Their experiences pointed out a way for national practices. The fourth chapter nails existing problems and difficulties in building a service oriented government. The fifth chapter to least developed countries (This article is listed the United Kingdom and the United States) to build a service-oriented government experience,point out it's enlightenment to our service-oriented government construction. Thus summed up China's construction of public service-oriented government response.At last, it discusses how to integrate a service priented government in the concept of a "harmonious society".
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