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The Civil Procedure Opposition Privilege Research

Posted on:2009-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Along with the civil trial way reform deepening and the civil action fundamental research development,correlation question and so on litigant's procedure main body status and its procedure Opposition Privilege obtained the legal science theory and the judicial solid service value,in unceasingly is also thorough regarding the civil procedure Opposition Privilege research.Based on the procedure Opposition Privilege,after the civil dispute occurs ,the litigant not only may according to the dispute type ,the characteristic,the nature and the pursue goal comes to the procedure movement to propose the objection ,moreover in the document disposal procedure,the litigant should have the widespread procedure Opposition Privilege in each lawsuit stage ,otherwise not only can violate litigant's procedure right,moreover can cause litigant's entity right to receive the harm ,is unable to realize goal of the civil action,is unable to adapt the modern judicature idea request.Reflects this ,our country should establish and consummate litigant's procedure Opposition Privilege.Establishment procedure Opposition Privilege system in the civil action law standard, must inspect its establishment the right and the procedure value orientation.This article through to civil Opposition Privilege connotation and right analysis ,and model overseas and Taiwan area vertical legal regulation,has carried on the evaluation to our country present civil procedure objection attempts begins from macroscopic and the microscopic two aspects ,how to discuss establishes a brand-new procedure Opposition Privilege system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Opposition Privilege, procedure main body, procedure rights, the systerm for procedure Opposition Privilege
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