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Analysis Of Preventive Diplomacy: Problems And Prospect

Posted on:2010-08-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360272993313Subject:International relations
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The term of preventive diplomacy was declared in 1960 for the first time by United Nations. Its purpose is getting rid of the fetters of biopolar structures of international society by this new way to protect the world peace, thereby United Nations can enlarge its political space of resolving the problems of international security. Although the aim cannot be achieved completely, it opened the course of preventive diplomacy. It is the very point that this study begins with. According to the temporal order and different actors, this study settled the development skeleton of the preventive diplomacy to display the evolvement course of preventive diplomacy.In 90's, the end of the Cold War, the variety of the international security situation, the failure of collective security, these factors made the preventive diplomacy refreshed and to be an effective approach to settle the security problems. Preventive diplomacy had a great contribution to keeping the world peace, but it is still in the period of exploring and tempting. The existence of problems is inevitable, that is the main content of the second part expounded. The author classified these problems systematically and analyzed the theoretical defects and the practical constraints from the internal and external aspects. Seen from the theoretical facet, the definition of preventive diplomacy has not a certain conclusion, the chaos of the concept brought much confusion to the practice and lack of uniform norms. The UN Charter, as the legal foundation of preventive diplomacy, is deficient in the precise and flexibility; the prerequisite that its operation assumed is incomplete and its legitimacy is oppugned constantly. In addition, the limitation of the decision-making system also influenced the practical effect of preventive diplomacy. All of these are the congenital defects that the preventive diplomacy to be faced. Seen from the practical process, the plight of the early-warning and the difficulty of opportunity-choosing restrict the role of the preventive diplomacy practice on some degree; the negative effect of aid measures also discounted its efficiency; the single mode of government restructure is the bottleneck that the preventive diplomacy has to break through. As for the challenge of external environment, is the test that the preventive diplomacy must to be faced. These are the postnatal drawbacks that preventive diplomacy had to resolve.The problems do not mean the denial to the preventive diplomacy. The development of anything needs to keep going through the pains in order to realize the qualitative change. The outlook of the preventive diplomacy is the main task that the last part to finish. In view of the current international security situation, the existence of preventive diplomacy is necessary and it has owned the initial conditions, which indicates the great potential of the preventive diplomacy. There is a great possibility for the preventive diplomacy to surpass the scope of diplomacy, but it can't depart from the essence of diplomacy. It will bring fresh vigor to the international security mechanism, which is the important conclusion that this study drawn.The development of preventive diplomacy has just started in China, as one of the most important and responsible countries, China should make full use of its advantages in the security issue settlement. Let it to be a beneficial tactic, which is the aim of this study. Also hope to deepen the awareness and the understanding of the preventive diplomacy by the analysis of the problems and the prediction of the prospect, therefore enlighten the preventive diplomacy activities of our country.
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