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Issues About Our Country Land-lost Peasants Protecting The Rights And Interests

Posted on:2010-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360272998510Subject:History of development of Marxism
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Since the 1980s,the urbanization,the industrialization have emerged by the unprecedented potential,the urban space expands rapidly,quantity increases,the industrial production scale also unceasingly expands.For the guarantee urbanization, the industrialization to the land demand,the massive agricultural use land is taken over for use.The urbanization,the industrialization advancement are "the double-edged sword",it during advancement socialist system and city and countryside relations change,also gave the general farmer's production and the life has brought the enormous influence.More and more collective all lands are taken over for use by the country,expedites the social group which inflates suddenly "to lose the farmer" rapidly.This kind of situation in big or media-sized cities city and countryside intersection and many people and little land developed local performance outstandingly.Since New China was founded,our country has promulgated and implemented a series of laws and regulations,and the farmer's land rights have protected better than before.Along with the economic development and the quickened step of the rural marketability,the rural land circulation will become an inevitable trend.In the process of the rural land circulation,the peasant rights are often violated from the other interest groups because it is low that the farmer locates the social position and the economic status,and it is weak that the farmer protects his own right consciousness.And the phenomena of damaged farmer's rights often occur.Because of insufficient protection,many social contradictions and the questions have been initiated,and mainly show:harming farmer's long-term livelihood,massively breaking the law,and affecting the social stability.At present,the theorists and the practitioner land-lost peasants rights and interests protection question to the urbanized advancement to lack the clear understanding,the fundamental research also seriously fall behind the practice,moreover all levels of the government,in "manages the city" in the tide has not been able to give proper to take seriously and to pay attention. The author think,the reason for the farmer to damage his rights is various:the policy has deviation and the law protection is insufficient.The function dislocates. The government turns the economic man.At present the land collection system flaws, the collection procedure is unreasonable,the compensation standard is low,and so on. Based on the above questions,this article in reviews and in the summary correlation theories foundation,studied our country current to land-lost peasants present situation, analyzed the land-lost peasants rights and interests outflow reason,and reason which produced through the macroscopic factor and the microscopic factor dual angle analysis question,proposed that the consummation land-lost peasants rights and interests protection countermeasure suggestion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land-lost Peasants, Rights Protection, Land-levying, Urbanizaiton
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