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Formation & Transformation Of Authority Politics In East Asia

Posted on:2010-07-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360272999885Subject:Political Theory
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The 1950's and 1960's, East Asia in the political development process, have established the authoritarian political system. This paper tries to east Asia society's intrinsic group consciousness of priority this perspective power politics can widely adopted, and the power politics and ideology of priority between groups. Under the East Asian society depth the Confucianist civilization's influence, in the historical development process, is gradually influenced this culture the East Asian society to form the unique community first culture tradition, but this culture is extremely easy to the authority politics pattern production approval. Authority politics is one kind of random political pattern, however in modernized process which moves toward in East Asia, East Asia's authority principle political power has actually played an important role, although the authority principle has many malpractices in the real politic life, what however is undeniable, its powerful measure is guarantees the East Asian society fast development important weights.Under the authority politics rule, the society maintained temporarily stable, the government relies on the powerful political move, had guaranteed the government revolution's efficiency, the East Asian society has realized the fast development, has accomplished modernized and the productive forces enormous enhancement initially. Has the dispute freely to the authority politics, but it used the development to defend the validity which temporarily oneself existed, unified the entire society develops and realizes in the modernized this history flood tide, has achieved the huge achievement, obtained East Asia to develop the miracle.However along with the historical development and society's progress, authority politics reduces day by day in East Asia's market, particularly under third democratized tide impact, East Asian country authority politics in awkwardness in abundance to democratized reforming. But this kind of democratized reforming is not can realize at will, the democratization reforms the key which whether to succeed is whether to have the soil which and the condition reforming needs. After the authority principle rule time's high speed development, the East Asian society has in each aspect very in a big way has raised, the citizen realized, the democratic awareness and so on already in the emerging social class, the social stratum to grow healthy and strong, to democracy demand also day by day urgent, society's development enhanced the essential condition for democratized reforming.The East Asian society special community first ideology, has provided the convenience for the authority politics' establishment, but under the authority politics rule's fast development finally withdrew from the historical arena for the authority politics to prepare. Authority politics takes one special political pattern, has had also active, objective understanding this process in East Asia's developing process, knew objectively authority politics in the economical and social development's function, and can provide take the time as the human specific history space and time under political path choice uses for reference.
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