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Cultural Elements In Legal Translation

Posted on:2010-06-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360275460419Subject:Legal Translation Theory and Practice
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The present world witnesses a new trend of cultural exchange and cultural convergence, while translation, an important means of intercultural communication, serves as the bridge over the gulf between different cultures as well as different languages. In the process of translation, the importance of cultural elements has caught more and more attention of translators. Viewing translation from a cross-cultural perspective, one can readily find that cultural elements may pose major obstacles in translating process, especially in legal translation which is heavily dependent on legal cultures. Thus, this thesis inevitably becomes an explorative expedition, focusing on the observation and examination of the cultural elements in legal translation.The present thesis is mainly composed of two parts. In the first part, a detailed and systematic analysis of elements between Chinese and English cultures in the process of legal translation is presented, such as legal systems, cultural connotations and ways of thinking, which is aimed at shedding light on problems that translators are likely to face in legal translation between English and Chinese. In the second part, the translating strategies of domestication and foreignization are introduced to cope with cultural elements in legal texts, and under these two categories, six techniques are altogether illustrated to solve the issues arising out of or pertaining to cultural elements in practice.It is well known that translation shoulders the task of improving communication and exchange that is involved with cultural elements with outside world in the age of globalization. Cultural studies will undoubtedly pave a new way that is conducive to improvement of legal translation and translation studies and help a legal translator to better his/her work. In order to make people all over the world know more about China's legal affairs and to introduce more foreign legal experience into China, a legal translator needs to attach more importance to cultural elements and adopt more appropriate strategies while translating legal texts.
Keywords/Search Tags:cultural elements, legal culture, legal translation, translating strategies, translating techniques
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