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The Research For Construction Of Government Credibility On Policy Operational Process

Posted on:2010-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360275468376Subject:Administrative Management
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The problem of absence of the government credit commonly exists in the government credit research at home and abroad. Because of the asymmetry of information and self-interest behavior between people, this problem is particular serious in our country at present. In the process of policy operation, the absence of credit problem not only can affect policy problem solving, leads to policy which cannot achieve established, but also will damage the image of the government, weaken the government credit. In the construction of harmonious society of socialism situation currently, to research the problem of government absence of credit is beyond no doubt a very important and a very urgent significant real problem.For the problem of absence of the government credit, domestic and abroad scholar especially domestic scholar conducted extensive and thorough research, and emerging large amount of research results. However, these studies from a single subject, yet no one explore it from the policy operation to research the interaction between government and the people. So, this article specially studies the current, root and constructing path of the problem of absence of the government credit from in the process of policy operation. Firstly, to review domestic and abroad the government credit, provides the theoretic basis and thought enlightenment for this study, Secondly, according to the government credit proposed by scholars, expounding the concept of the government credit in the process of policy operation, the process of policy operation meaning and relation with policy operation and the government credit, Thirdly, analyzing the government credit shortage in the process of policy operation, Fourthly, analyzing the root of the absence of the government credit, Finally, in view of the root of the absence of government credit, in the point of view of the process of policy operation, to building interactive relation between the government and the public, we put forward that policymakers should pay attention to "the minimum quantity of justice" , reflecting public opinion, building real legal society, advocating discourse is widely used, perfecting tracking decision-making and the rational bureaucracy measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Government Credit, Policy Operation, Public Opinion
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