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Research On Community Service For The Aged In Cities Based On Aged-care At Home

Posted on:2009-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nowadays aging of population has become an inevitable trend. Taking care for the aged is a big problem. Affected by traditional concepts of providing for the aged and the production level, our elderly support by the family model still plays a dominant role in the life of city elderly. However,changes of family structure and people's life style lead to the fading of family's supporting functions. Community has unique in resource and location. Thus, aged-care at home with community support becomes a feasible way of providing for the aged. As the elderly differ in their wills and needs, providing them with all aspects of service is the top of communities.In such social back ground, this paper makes a systematic investigation of actualities or community service for the aged in Changchun city and does some research of it's problems. By drawing on the experience of the development of this issue abroad and in china and combining the current situation in this district,the author is trying to make some measures and suggestions on the further development of community service the aged.Through the investigation,the author found the following questions:the first,the essentiality and imminency of community service for the aged have not been realized; the second, all these four example communities are short of money because of the government's fiscal capacity and disadvantageous investment channel;the third, the ability of the people on community service for the aged needs to be improved; the last but not the least, all the samples have not established perfect service system. According to the above, the author gives some advice on two aspects. On one hand, the community should attach importance to community service for the aged, channel the financial support by any means, specialize the level of service and establish a perfect service system. On the other hand,every government should play a magistral role and support community service for the aged by proper policies and offer good surroundings for it, encourage all the society to participate in it.There are five parts. The first part is introduction, including the background of the subject,means of study and the significance of the study. The second part expounds feasibility of community service for the aged and lists some domestic and overseas examples which can provide us useful experience and inspire.The third part says that it is an inevitable trend that taking care of the aged at home will be chosen more and more. The fourth part introduces the actualities about the community service for the aged according to the result of these samples survey of Chinese city. In the last part, the author analyses the reasons which caused these problems of community service for the aged, and gives some measures to improve it.
Keywords/Search Tags:Community service for the aged, Specialized service, Improve the service system
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