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Discourse Socialism And Market Economy Compatibility And Contradictory Nature

Posted on:2010-02-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360275956308Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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The relationship between socialism and market economy has been building a socialist need to be addressed in theoretical and practical issues. This paper focuses on the compatibility and the contradictory of the socialist and market economy , resolve contradictions in a socialist and market economy, find the path selection.The first part discusses the compatibility and the socialist market economy. Discuss the development of commodity economy and market economy. Pointing out that market economy is outcome of development of the productive forces arrives at certain degree . The market economy comparing the commodity economy and the natural economy must be more progressive. But the viewpoint that market economy is the permanent existence is wrong. The market economy could be replaced by one higher economic form. Therefore, the market economy is compatible with socialism that is specific.The second part discusses the contradictory of socialist and market economy. in the process of the socialist market economy institution-building. The socialist can promote market economy ,but also can impede it. That is because the market economy has a duality. Therefore, there are contradictions between the socialist and market economy, Such contradictions in the values of money first confrontation with the socialist values, privatization Contradiction with the public ownership, Gap between rich and poor contradiction with the common prosperity, Economic interest conflicts with the interests of the community and so on. These contradictions illustrate that as a result of market economy spontaneous, Government regulation and control are needed.The third part discusses the route choice that resolve the contradictions between socialism and market economy. It is the most important that we find the forms of public ownership that is both adhere to the dominant position of public ownership and market economy . This is the socialist market economy, the key to success. We must deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises. Because only the success of the reform of state-owned enterprises, and to solve in practice a socialist market economy and the compatibility. At present the state-owned enterprise reform has not yet been completed, there are many problems and no solution. Not truly be separated from the government and enterprises. State-owned enterprises have not yet become an independent producer and operator. Although state-owned enterprises into the board of directors, board of supervisors, but the nominal and effective corporate governance structure difficult to establish. Without a clear line between the functions of the government and enterprises lead to unclear property rights, leading to "internal control", "powerful capitalism" has become a real danger. Therefore, the state-owned enterprises to truly separating government administration from enterprise, by the board of directors independent examination of selecting incentives managers, administrative managers must be appointed to an open selection, and the abolition of the executive-level business and management-level cadres. Established in line with the market demand system operating budget of state-owned assets, so that hardening budget; commissioned to establish the true binding agent system and supervision, reward and punishment mechanism. To protect the rights of workers, and improve staff director system, so that workers can participate in decision-making to enterprises and to ensure that their legitimate rights and interests are not infringed. In dealing with the socialist market economy with the contradictions in the process, in addition to deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, should also pay attention to moral construction, the government itself, and so on.
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