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Research About Asset Securitization On Supervision Of Legal Under The New Basel Capital Accord

Posted on:2008-06-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F XueFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360275957391Subject:Economic Law
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Asset Securitization is the most rapidly developing areas and the most important financial innovations and tools in the modern world. The Basel Capital Accord, as the most representative international banking supervision and risk management guidelines, from 1988, it has been adopted more than 100 countries voluntarily. However; as the development of financial globalization and financial innovation, the old capital accord has been unable to meet financial needs. Thus came into being the new Basel Accord. The New Basel Capital Accord and the establishment of a comprehensive risk management mechanism of the more risk-sensitive. The New Basel Capital Accord is indeed a unique innovation of its supervision. It is based on the view of more than ten groups of developed countries, and represents the views of developed. For us, from developed countries to the developing countries, there is still a very big gap between the levels of regulation. It is necessary to learn from the advanced experience of the developed countries, the establishment of a comprehensive risk management, of the more risk-sensitive mechanism. This paper is mainly related to legal and financial support on theory.Focused on asset securitization Basel Capital Accord regulatory measures, New Basel Capital Accord innovations mainly in the following three aspects: First is a risk into a capital adequacy ratio of the pillars of the framework firstly, the new agreement reflects an overall risk management philosophy. Secondly, in the area of credit risk rating agency external to allow banks calculate their capital requirements for credit ratings. Regulatory review and market discipline is based on three pillars, as a means of supplementing the original standard. At the same time, we should reduce excessive reliance on quantitative criteria for the establishment of a more balanced asset appraisal standard.On this basis, this paper analyzes the need for regulatory asset securitization. Followed the innovative use of the New Capital Basel Accord, the author analyzed the current situation of China's asset securitization with the new regulatory requirements of the Basel Agreement between the Republic of China Securities Regulatory and proposed that in order to regulate China's banks internal risk management, reduce bad loans and prevent the loss of state asset, the author provided a legal theory.
Keywords/Search Tags:New Basel Capital Accord, Asset securitization, Internal rating, Operation risks, Supervision and inspection
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