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Study On Intellectual Property Rights Under The Trap Of Evidence And The Distribution Of The Burden Of Proof From The Perspective Of Distributive Justice

Posted on:2010-07-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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It's the core of of the intellectual property system to protect the intellectual property rights,it enable the intellectual property rights to be able to promote the social development effectively.Therefore,we need to carry on the multi-level multiple perspectives to the intellectual property rights protection system for understanding.At present,serious consideration should be given the trial of intellectual property rights of intellectual property rights infringement cases for its difficultion to obtain evidence of special circumstances and should focus on the protection of the interests of rights.This article is based on the above understanding,the stability in the maintenance of law under the premise of fully respecting the existing legal system to consider the framework,a comprehensive analysis of intellectual property rights,knowledge of product characteristics and the complexity of intellectual property protection,arduous.Intellectual property infringement lawsuits in the trap of evidence as a human rights approach to the distribution of justice,equality,freedom,fairness,and efficiency of the value of the value of their measurement and legality,propriety and necessity of evaluation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Intellectual Property, The allocation of the burden of proof, Distributive justice, Private relief force
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