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On The Public Trust Of The Swedish Social Democratic Party And Its Construction Experience And Enlightenment

Posted on:2010-08-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360275968765Subject:Political Theory
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As the touchstone of testing the party's governing capabilities and standards,The Public trust is a question that related to the ruling party's survival and development.In the duration of 30 years of reform and opening up,for the friction between the old and the new system of conflict,social differentiation benefits,value orientation and cultural diversity,as well as the impact of external factors such as the impact of society,the party in the social management and social services,and on the quality and awareness,and social and civic must also look forward to the value of the gap between the people,the Party's public trust among the masses declined.Therefore,to maintain and enhance the public trust of political parties has become the essential questions that the ruling party can not evade.Sweden's political and economic development achievements have attracted worldwide attention.The ruling party-the Social Democratic Party of Sweden,in the long term under the premise of the ruling,has achieved its political corruption,economic prosperity, social progress and people's living standards among the world's achievements.The achievements are attributed to the Swedish Social Democratic Party's more than 60 years of public trust building.The success of the development of the Social Democratic Party is a history of Sweden's prosperity.The construction for public trust of our country plays an important role in the drawing.In this paper,under the theory of Marxism's guide,starting from the construction course of the Swedish Social Democratic Party's public trust,the author attempts to sort out and analyze why the Swedish Social Democratic Party attaches importance to its credibility and how to carry it out and achieve the public trust of the system,so as to sum up Swedish Social Democratic Party's successful experiences in the construction of public trust and draw on the public trust of the Communist Party of China Construction Enlightenment beneficial.This article is divided into four parts:The first part is the introduction.Raised in the introduction to this paper,are the background and significance,research,and researching methods used in this article, and lack of innovation.In the second part,a general overview of the public trust of the ruling party is conducted,and also,the character of the ruling party's public trust and the constituent elements of the credibility are exposed and analyzed in detail.As a third part,it is on the development process of public trust of the Swedish Social Democratic Party.Introduce public trust of the Swedish Social Democratic Party and the construction of the main measures the public trust of the Swedish Social Democratic Party,the positive effects of construction.In PartⅣ, to sum up the Social Democratic Party's experience of building the public trust,and its impact on the public trust construction of the Communist Party of China.
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