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On The Legal Protection Of Innovative Ideas

Posted on:2009-10-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360275971926Subject:Economic Law
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With industrial upgrade, the development of information society and product diversity, the economic development increasingly depend on various innovative ideas, and the need of ideas in daily life becomes the direct driving enforce of law protection of innovative ideas. Innovative ideas make any corner of the world may obtain the economic competitive edge, and make developing and developed countries at the same starting line in the competition. In order to fully play innovative ideas'role of stimulating the economy, all-round interaction among hardware facilities, creative talent, laws and policies of the soft environment is badly needed. Whether can we properly define innovative ideas and whether the law can provide adequate relief for the infringed innovative ideas, and it directly provides a bearing on the creative enthusiasm of innovative idea providers and the intensity of innovative idea stimulating the economy. The article focuses on the analysis in China's national conditions, and explores the proper attitude that China should hold to construct a legal protection system, and in particular it pointes out that in the system, the protection needn't follow the precondition of "novelty and concreteness". The paper finally introduces several specific policies for the innovative idea protection. The paper eventually builds a forward-looking legal protection system for innovative ideas, intending to establish a system that is in line with China's national conditions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Innovative Ideas, Contract Law, Copyright Law, Law of Anti-unfair Competition, General Rule of Civil Law
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