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Legislation Research On Human Rights Protection Of The Criminal Witness

Posted on:2010-08-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H ZhanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360275989184Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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The human rights not only are the crystallization which the human culture progresses accumulates unceasingly,also is the humanity knows and the superego result unceasingly. It takes one of modern government by law society basic characteristics,time various countries universal attention.In our country,the human rights protection not only is our country constructs the socialism country under the rule of law the basic request,also is our country joins the international society and the organization,the participation international competition important condition and the way.The criminal witness human rights protection is a human rights protection important constituent.According to our country "Law of Criminal Procedure" and the correlation law stipulation,witness enjoys the safekeeping of security power,the full statement power,the checkup record power,the credential learns about rights and so on power and right infringement right of complaint. Looking from the legal article that,witness right as if many,but must note,these articles many are the procedural right,but very little involves the reality right.The procedural right is protects the procedure to have fairly,but the entity right concerns witness's vital interest, should even more receive takes.It is a pity,our country criminal activity witness safekeeping of security power realization takes a step only jian,the related criminal witness economy compensation power and exempts the card privilege the legislation is a piece of blank.Because our country present law lacks to the criminal witness human rights protection stipulation,caused in our country criminal prosecution witness to appear in court to lead extremely lowly,enormously to affect our country criminal prosecution system development.Enhancement criminal activity witness human rights protection,not only relates the criminal prosecution system reform the success or failure,simultaneously also is complied with the criminal government by law idea and the human rights protection development trends in the world one kind of action,has the extremely important theory and the practice significance.Therefore,must consummate our country criminal activity witness human rights protection the legislation standard.
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