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Legal Studies Of Voting Trust

Posted on:2010-08-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Voting trust was created in America over 140 years ago, and it is an innovation of the indirect way of voting. At first, this system was questioned and denied, but because its unique value and functions meet the need of socio-economic development, it was gradually approved by academic and judicial circle, and by now, it was applied widely in America and brought in by many other countries. This paper covers the following aspects to analyse the voting trust: its development, its value and functions, its essence, rationale and operation mechanism, and the necessity and feasibility for China to bring in this system.ChapterⅠis Overview of Voting Trust, which introduce the historical development of this system, analyses its essence and characteristics, compares it with other similar systems to show its unique value and functions. The author also elaborates and analyses the limitations of voting trust.ChapterⅡis Structure of Voting Trust. In this chapter, the author firstly ananlyses the factors that influence voting trust's effectiveness, then analyses the legal relationship of voting trust. Regarding to the object of voting trust, through multi-perspectives proof, the author declares that the object of voting trust should be shareholder's rights, but not voting right.ChapterⅢis Conception for China to Bring in Voting Trust. The author firstly analyses the necessity for our country to bring in this system, pointing that this system will solve such problems as the lack of protections for minority shareholders'rights, the impeded exercise of state-owned stockholder's rights and so on; then from the perspectives of legal and practice foundation, the author analyses the feasibility for our countries to bring in this system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Voting Trust, Corporate Governance, Shareholder's Rights
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