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Research On The Supply Of Local Governments' Public Service In The Perspective Of Public Crisis

Posted on:2010-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360278457539Subject:Administrative Management
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During the period of the social transition, the public crisis has transformed into a normal state. Analyzing the supply of the public service of the local government which is in the state of the public crisis and put the Wenchuan Earthquake as a case, we can realize that the local governments play an important role in the management of the public crisis. Handling public crisis in a timely an effective manner has becoming the local governments'major challenges. As the responsible authority of the district of the public crisis took place, the local governments have obligations to provide sufficient and excellent public service for social organizations and individuals which is also the requirement of the public crisis management and the service-oriented government. China's local governments are transforming from management-oriented government to limited and service-oriented government, the theory and practice of the public crisis management is inadequate. Government officials at all levels are lack of sense of crisis, local governments'ability of the crisis services has not been adequate. Therefore, improving local governments'ability of the crisis prevention and implementing crisis services functions is significant to the building of the harmonious society.In recent years, local governments have gained some achievements, but also have lots of problems, such as indifferent sense of the public crisis services, inadequate education of the public crisis, unreasonable rights and responsibility relations between local government and central government and so on. The major reasons of these problems are the defects of Emergency Management System and the imperfect public crisis mechanism. In view of these factors, the paper proposes the path selection of improving the local governments'ability of the public crisis service. Firstly, we should strengthen local governments'sense of the public crisis and construct responsible government. Secondly, nomocracy can specify local governments'acts of crisis governance. Finally, innovating local governments'structure of crisis governance is the requirement of the service-oriented government. To sum up, the promotion of the local governments'public service ability can not only ensure the direction of the local government, but also forward the level and the effection of the local governments'crisis management which is help for shape local governments'image...
Keywords/Search Tags:Public Crisis, Local Government, Public Services
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