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Dissertate With The Informed Consent

Posted on:2010-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D J XuFull Text:PDF
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Informed Consent is a right by which the patient can got the information about the medical staff and status of the hospital and medical costs,benefits,potential risks,and other alternative measures that may affect their decision to other relevant information and then make a decision according to these information.This article firstly defines what is the Informed Consent(IC).And elaborated the basic theory and history of Informed Consent and the design of IC in major countries in the two Legal System and the conflicts between the IC and other rights and interests.Finally,I put forward some proposals under the current legislation and practice in our country and combined with the experience of other major countries.The full text is divided into five parts.In the first part,I summarized the basic theory of the IC.Firstly,I introduced some opinions about the IC in Chinese and foreign academics and analyzed the merits and shortcomings.I Proposed and demonstrated the point of my view.And then I described the content and elements of the IC.In the second part,I discussed the origin,the establishment and the expansion.The origin and establishment were discussed carefully,but the expansion simply.In the third part,I made some comparative studies on origins,the specific disclosure standards,the burden of proof,liability aspects of the principle of the IC in the major countries of the two Legal Systems.In the fourth part,I Revealed the conflicts between the IC and patient's autonomy right,social and public interests,and so on by demonstrating the relationship between the IC and medical ethics,the IC and health system,the IC and politics and culture,the IC and the limitations of the patients.This would do a good job for the next part.In the fifth part,firstly,I revealed the omissions and weaknesses in the legislation and the medical practice,and then put forward some recommendations according that and the theory mentioned.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Doctor-Patient Relationship, the Informed Consent, the Medical Ethics, the Health System
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