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The NGO Of Macao Studies About The Influence Which The Harmonious Society Constructs

Posted on:2009-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J M ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360278963714Subject:Administrative Management
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As Macao has been relying on the gaming industry since handover to China and subsequent to the passing of the SARS, it has been trying to stimulate the economic development through the pervious gaming concession. In September 2006, the revenue from the casinos of Macao exceeded Las Vegas of USA in first time, and then at the end of year, GDP exceeded Hong Kong, making Macao with a population of merely over 520,000 people a mythology in the world. On the other hand, although the economy has been growing in a fast pace, resident's support to government dropped instead. The increase of the income gap, in which a lot of internal conflicts are low academic workers higher than university student have caused a strange social phenomenon encountered in the sickly of Macao, and the NGO's are just able to reveal and help to solve a lot of these problems.The administrate framework of Macao falls under the type of NGO's politics and since NGO are highly valuable in terms of collection of the will of the people, the government should render than more respect and understanding. The Chief Executive Government official should contact the NGO's voluntarily and regularly, listening to their opinions and suggestions, especially the criticisms put forward by the NGO's on the government department pay attention and make improvement in our course, which have proved the actual ability of the NGO's of Macao. Now, Macao receives a lot of advantages through the gaming, but how would the benefits be distributed fairly? This requires the assistance from the NGO's for example: Macao Federation of Trade Unions(MFTU) proposed the suggestion of the future labour protection law, which can protect the workers with regard religious group, Macau Campus Crusade for Christ and Christian Sheun Tao Church Hong Kong & Macau District Union (MCCC) positions community service on families, which can directly correlate with a harmonious society. So long as each NGO develops its own professional, it is believed that many great advantages can be brought to the construction of a harmonious society of Macao.Facing the high-speed development of economy in Macao, the government should revise the legislations and offer higher degree to support the NGO's. As to the NGO's, they must also keep up with the development speed and the members should be younger recruit as will as promotion should be made to new member to avoid no successor in the future. In addition, the services of the NGO's should move towards specialization, become the third department finally. In the future, there are three parts should be overall renewal in Macao, the society, the culture, and the thinking too. With moving with full strength forwards a harmonious society, it requires the promotion of stronger NGO's.
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