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Analysing Diplomatic Thought Of Condoleezza Rice And Sino-America Foreign Policy

Posted on:2010-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Condoleezza Rice is the first black woman Secretary of State in American history. As a politician of Neo-conservatism, she formulated foreign policy based upon American interests all along. She played the leading role in the age of "Transformational Diplomacy" of America with her unique style and has created a new state of relaxation of tension. This paper is divided into three parts, going further into the diplomatic thought of Rice and Sino-America foreign policy. The first part focuses on the diplomatic thought of Rice. In her early times, Rice, who holden a political new of the Neo-conservatism, followed the American interests first principle. Pursuing the unilateral foreign policy based on power. She regarded the states' interests as the corner stone and the goal of American foreign policy; meanwhile she advocated a national security strategy of striking first. Having been appointed us Secretary of State, she sensed the trend of cooperation between world powers and advanced the new thinking of "Transformational Diplomacy" timely and promoted the so-called American democracy and freedom. Therefore, the strategic goal of America to preach the doctrine of democracy was prolonged and systematized.The second part deals with Rice's Sino-America foreign policy first. She regarded China as "a potential contestant". She thought that the racially developing China might challenge the leading position of America in Asia-pacific area. Out of fear, she took efforts to develop the existing close bonds between America and her Asian allies-Japan and Korea, and strengthened the relationship with another developing power-India, so as to confine China. Meanwhile, the discrepancy in social system and concepts of value between China and America made Rice take a Policy of Containment on the issue of Taiwan, Tibet and East Turkistan. Second, confronted with the globalization of economy and the multi-polarization of polities, American government needs to cooperate with China in trade, military and world affairs. Therefore, Rice practiced a cooperative policy in the economic field, proceeding from the interests of the States.The third part is about the influence of Rice's Sino-America foreign policy. On the one hand, she developed the economy and trade between China and America in reality and enhanced mutual understanding and cooperation in world affairs and military field, thus made the situation Taiwan Straits stable. On the other hand, the contrasting factors in her ideology influenced in the internal affairs of China by making use of the issue of Taiwan, Tibet and East Turkistan. Her thought of Sino-America foreign policy will have a great effect on the coming American Sino-American foreign policy.
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