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Study On The Application Of The Competency Theory To The Selection Of The Civil Servants In Leading Position

Posted on:2010-05-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360302966271Subject:Public Management
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Competency is a collection of personal characteristics that prompts an individual to produce outstanding work performance, and it is also the starting point to judge whether an individual is competent enough. Meanwhile it can determine and distinguish the personal characteristics between different performances. The terminal goal of establishing competency is to support the development of the organization and to improve working performance. It is widely convinced that:"The dependence of career success on the competency and professional skills will continuously increase."Therefore, in order to enhance the government management capacity, we have to firstly improve the quality of their managers. The leading cadres of the government, as the main body of government management on certain level, is the government's administrative basis, as well as the primary medium of the government's administrative capacity, which will be directly reflected on the surface. Selecting leading cadres with functionary competency and administrative ability is the most effective and direct way to improve the qualities of the government managers. Here, this paper provides a new perspective and methods to this issue.Besides the introduction and conclusion parts, this paper consists of three parts.The first part analyzes the practical importance of competency, including the value, the practicality and the significance of spreading the competency theory in the selection of the leading cadres of the government;The second part focuses on the introduction to the competency factor pattern of the leading cadres of the government, and analyzes the effects and problems in the application of the competency theory, by means of describing the specific practical application of the theory in human resource selection within some district government;The third part, through setting up the competency theoretical idea, establishing and improving the competency model, advances several proposals on promoting the application of competency theory in the government's structured human resources interviews, in human resources training and in the establishment of performance management systems in applications.
Keywords/Search Tags:competency theory, selection of government leading cadres, Application, research
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