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The Brief Study On The Civil Customs Of Uygur Ethnic Group In China

Posted on:2010-05-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L S M Y GuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360302966391Subject:Legal theory
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The civil affair convention of Uyghur nationality is a collective achievement to deal with the social relations among people. It is this characteristic of it that offers us a basic visual angle to examine Uyghur people's moral value, state of mind and behavioral trend in their civil relations and culture form. To compose a good civil law code, we should base it on the convention of the specific nationality and analyze the convention or habitual practices which may be adopted or denied, including the range , the effectiveness of them.My thinking and aim of writing this paper is to explore the conventional thoughts, spiritual resources and adjustment of human relations in the Uyghur culture, standardize the behavioral order of people in their living space, and display civil agreement, civil affair standard and ethical value contained in this folk culture, so as to have a deep study and discussion on the Uyghur traditional convention on a theoretical level. In the long history of Uyghur nationality, Uyghur civil affair convention rooted deeply among people, passed down to generations and drifted away from the main stream of scientific culture, never sorted out wholly nor studied deeply. Xinjiang is in the centre of Euro-Asia continent, with a variety of trans-national issues such as trans-nationalities, trans-national marriages, trans-national religious beliefs, and so on. As to Uyghur nationality, it is one of the key nationalities in middle Asia and the West Land. My study is important in linking up Uyghur traditional civil affair convention with the contemporary law of our state and the international law as well. Uyghur civil affair convention plays an effective role in exploiting the executing behavior and policy making of our country.On the basis of the previous study made by the older generations, through learning taboo, religion and ancient Uyghur culture, I've made some trial study and hope to help others to have a rough recognition of the deep sources, characteristics and practical effectiveness of traditional Uyghur civil affair convention. I hope people could have a correct understanding of this convention in their work of legislating, executing and conducting law, so as to make the executing work more effective, and as a result it will be good for constructing and developing a harmonious socialist country.The formation and development of Uyghur civil affair convention has its deep historical background and social causes. This convention has its spiritual sources and practical traditions. I analyze that its formation and development roughly has two stages: stage one, Uyghur traditional culture becomes the spiritual sources of this convention, that is, we should study the spiritual sources of the Uyghur traditional civil affair convention, except Islam philosophy. The ancient nature worship, totemism, fire worship, Shamanism and the prosperous Buddhism which appeared later all lay a foundation for the formation of this convention; stage two, Islam religious discipline and law have a very important effect on the formation of this convention. And this convention still plays a very important role in the modern Uyghur community.The Islam ethical system is rather perfect, which acts as a guidance for Muslim people. Its contains the following aspects: civil affair convention on properties, on contracts, on marriage and heritage, and on civil obligations, etc.. It has a rich content and very characteristic. Uyghur civil affair convention has the following features: 1. It has obvious Islam characteristics; 2. Taboo is the key body of this convention; 3. It has direct"culture court"effect. These characteristics of the convention mixed together with Uyghur culture and has formed a gorgeous aspect of Uyghur culture, and at the meantime, it has effected the humanity environment of the ethnic groups in the west of our country and is indispensible to the multi-culture system of our country.To study Uyghur civil affair convention has a deep social meaning, historical meaning and practical meaning. Yet it has both passive meaning and active meaning to the legislative construction of our country. I think to study Uyghur civil affair convention is an important foundation for the study of the history, culture, social disputes and ethnical relations of the ethnic groups in the northwest of our country, and is an important theoretical basis for constructing a harmonious society and good ethnical relations as well. I hope Uyghur civil affair convention could step forward from a Islamic basis onto a new level through linking with the legislative construction of our country. It will play an active role in the construction of our harmonious society and make contributions to the enrichment of the cultural field of the ethnic groups, the opening up of our minds, the stability of our frontier, and the construction of Xinjiang.
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