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The Issue Of Bacteriological Warfare During Japan's Invasion In China

Posted on:2011-05-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360302992105Subject:International relations
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On today's Sino-Japanese relation, the questions left over from history always puzzle both governments and people. The long time Japanese invasion ,especially the very cruel and inhuman bacteriological warfare was the great sin that Japan made on Chinese people during the World War Two. Due to the history ,the issue of bacteriological warfare during Japan's invasion in China became a question left over from history. 1980s witnessed the development of civilian Chinese claim for Japanese compensation movement. As an important part of civilian Chinese claim for Japanese compensation movement, the claim from the former victims of the bacteriological warfare developed as well. The Chinese civilian bacteriological warfare lawsuit had experienced a long and difficult process. Ten years had passed. Claim for compensation lawsuit is one of the important ways that the victims voluntarily used to protect their legal rights. it is also became a justice and necessary action. The essential goal of claim for compensation lawsuit is to investigate the guilt of Japanese militarism, and find justice and dignity for the victims. Although the lawsuit failed in the end, but its positive significance cannot be underestimated. Solving the issue of bacteriological warfare during Japanese invasion through legal process came to an end.Civil reconciliation and politicalization appear as the possible solution for the issue. Three civilian reconciliation of this issue Huagang reconciliation,Dajiangshan reconciliation,Xisong reconciliation have appeared. It is meaningful and enlightening to compare these three reconciliations for the solution of this issue. It is possible to solve the issue through politicalization. The settlement of historical issues between China and Japan will have a positive infect on the development and exchanges between the two countries, on East Asian and world peace and development as well.
Keywords/Search Tags:bacteriological warfare, compensation lawsuit, reconciliation, Sino-Japanese relation
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