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To "Reduce The Privileges" Of "Incremental Democracy"

Posted on:2011-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360302994687Subject:Political Theory
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YU Ke-ping, the professor of incremental democratic ideas pointed out that China's building of political democracy should be the factors on the progressive realization of incremental democracy.In fact, the substance of the building of democracy is to weaken until eliminate the privileges and privilege groups existing in reality.Clearing that "the privilege reduction" thought is not superfluous.Three decades of China's reform, attracted worldwide attention, and access to the historical experience and lessons in particular can not be overlooked.On the one hand, political reform can benefit from the success of economic reforms, and some even are not limited to ideas of reform, not confined to the form.On the other hand, the properties of its own political reforms can establish a basic framework and infrastructure for democracy.Therefore, according to the precipitation and accumulation system, it is necessary to absorb other nutrients from the success of the field, but also pay attention to the maintenance of their own political framework. Democracy should be the prerogative of the shift in the relationship between the various reforms, we must resolutely prevent the recycling of new privileges, violating the stock of the current democracy, and the moving to increase the burden of democracy. Progress and political reform in the system relies on a democratic basis in the stock of reduction of privileges.As a reformer, promoters and planners,the Chinese Government of course have to consider the issue of transaction costs, and to conduct all necessary cost estimates and assessment in improving the democratic system, enriching, development and innovation;At the same time, the reform of the real effectiveness and practical value is more important.Transaction cost is a factor to be taken into account, but it can not be taken as certain as all the excuses and reasons for the reforms not carried out. Different areas, different types of reform of the reform is not the same as the specific requirements. "Reduction" and "incremental" is based on Chinese history and background of the overall reality of ideas, but it should also play the fullest possible advantage of breakthroughs in reform, maximize the implementation of a breakthrough in space.Three decades of economic reform achievements in the field, you can reform to other areas in order to experience the great support. A timely choosing in all fields to learn from the results of reform,innovate the means of implementation in the form , rich and vary the content of the basic framework of the realization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Reducing privileges, Incremental democracy, Plitical reform, System, Transaction costs
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