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The Study On Legislation Of The Parliament Of Singapore

Posted on:2011-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The territory area of Singapore is narrowness, its history is short,but it creates "The Asian Miracle" on economic aspect.Rule of law is the reason of the miracle.In Singapore, the legal system is complete, the law is tight, stringent punishment,the government is clean and efficent, ordinary people observe discipline and abide by the creates good social order and guarantee the society's stabilization and flourish.So, what legislative power does the Parliament of Singapore as the top legislative body have What are the characteristics of the legislative procedure of the parliament of Singapore? How is the legislative procedure? How does the PAP control the legislative? Whhat do we have to learn from the parliament of Singapore?In chapter 1,I introduce the political system of Singapore. Singapore is a republic, implements parliamentary governmen.The parliamentary system of Singapore is similar with British,but has its own feature. Singapore's national institutions are mainly congress, the president, cabinet, court, procuratorate.In chapter 2,1 study the organizational system of the parliament of Singapore. The parliament of Singapore is unicameral system, it's one of the bigggest legislature.It includes committee, government parliament committee, speaker,congressman leader and the subordinatestructure.In chapter 3,1 study the legislative power of the parliament of Singapore. First,I discuss the legislative power belongs and its exercise.I study the scope of the legislative power of the parliament of Singapore.Then, I study the legislative restricted of the parliament of Singapore.In chapter 4,1 study the legislative procedure of the parliament of Singapore. Firstly, this paper discusses the significance of legislative procedure.Then I study the legislative procedure of the parliament of Singapore:draft bills,introduce and discuss the bills, president to authorize. Among them, legislative hearing procedure is key point. The hearing system is established to improve the legal procedures,it reflects the value of modern democracy and human rights.In chapter 5, I discusse the concept and the value of legislative technology, study the legislative technique of the parliament of Singapore through the construction technology and method of language expression technology.In chapter 6,1 study the development, ideology, system and support of PAP, study the control of PAP to the legislation of the parliament of Singapore through control system of legislative elections, control process of legislative elections and control the legislation of parliament of SingaporeIn chapter 7, I summarize four experience of the parliament of Singapore, stict and impartial, legislate in time,meet the demands,severe laws and penalties.
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