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Penetration Of The United States Into The Centeral Asia And Measures Of Russia And China For Safeguarding Their Interests In The Central Asia After The Cold War

Posted on:2011-03-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360305462083Subject:International relations
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Central Asia, the heart of Eurasia, received abundant attentions from all over the world because of its unique geo-strategic position and rich in energy resources after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. After "9·11" incident, the United States gradually increased penetration of Central Asia with its strong political, economic and military strength, and Central Asia has become an important component of U.S. global strategy. Because of its special geographical location and historical affiliation, the fate of Central Asia is closely related to Russia, which recent years cooperated and intersculated much with Central Asia countries in the face of pressing action on Central Asia by the United States. No matter in terms of geo-strategic view of safeguarding national security, or promoting mutual economic and ensuring China's energy security, or developing Chinese traditional culture, Central Asian countries, close neighbors of China, are and will be China's important cooperative and strategic region backing to China's dream of becoming a powerful nationThis paper exercises equilibrium theory, game theory, cooperation theory and other international relations theories to elaborate fully the important role of Central Asia by the research methods of philosophy, political science, sociology and analyses profoundly strategic interests and strategic goals of the United States, Russia, China in Central Asia, and then brings out China's strategy on Central Asia, meanwhile points out constraint factors of China's Central Asian strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Central Asia, United States, Russia, China, Strategy
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