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Evaluation And Analysis Of New Public Service Theories Of Robert B. Denhardt

Posted on:2011-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Dr. Robert B. Denhardt is the famous public administration theorist of America. His New Public Service Theory constructs on the foundation of confession and criticism of the defect of the New Public Administration Theory. Since it appeared, it has been accoladed by many scholars both at home and aboard. It presents a series of points that are different from the New Public Administration Theory's, especially which points out that the function of the government is service, but is not steering. This offers the direct theory basis and the new view for the construction of service-oriented government.The thesis, on the foundation of using Dr. Denhardt's point of view for reference, combs the real background and original theory of the rise of the New Public ice Theory in western country. And it expounds the content of the New Public Service. The New Public Service Theory is on the basis of the theories of the democratic society'citizenship, community and civil society, organizational humanism, offspring and modern public administration and so on. The New Public Service Theory consists of the following contents:the function of government is service, not guberno; the benefit of public if the main object; strategically in mentality, democratically in action; the government should offer service to citizens and take the responsibility which is complex, but not single; it takes the people oriented theory; it carries forward spirits of civil rights and the public service.This thesis observes that the New Public Service Theory' main value of existence is superior to that of other traditional theories. At the same time, it presents new recent challenges that the New Public Service Theory faces.Learn to meet practical needs, so theory research should offer instructions for the practice. Objectively, the construction of service government has gained a certain achievements recently. Maybe there exist some problems. It requests that we use overseas New Public Service Theory for reference to instruct our public administration practically, simultaneously to adopt some available steps, which is connected closely to our country's specific circumstances.
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