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The Research Of The Logistics Service Provider's Problems On Civil And Commercial Laws

Posted on:2011-11-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the economic and social development and the change of the epoch,the third-party logistic is developing rapidly and normally as a profession,it's promoting the economic development in our country.So the third-party logistics is known as"the third source of profits"and"the 21st century gold industry".In the course of the third-party logistic manipulation, the third–party logistic involves many links, such as transportation, warehousing, process, distribution and so on, so it is combining of the different logistic activities and coming to the right allocation ,seeking to optimize the logistic plan.In view of the third-party logistics'important role in the development of our country, it is so important to study the logistics in the theory .But owing to the third-party logistics is belong to management area, and our academic study is always from the organization and management , so it's too rare to study it at the legal stand, it makes the third-party logistic study becoming a"vacuum status".As is well-known, the country's economic development status is in contact with the country's legal level,and if the institution is very perfect, it will promote the development o f economic.But there are so many problems in our logistic law ,for example, what is the difference between the Logistics Service Provider(LSP) and the freight forwarder;what is the law status of LSP;and what is the right and obligation of the LSP, what's the responsibility of LSP, even whether our country could make logistic law and so on. If we can not effectively solve the above problems, it will become our developing bottleneck.So the article choose the civil and commercial angle to analysis the above problem, I hope it can rationalize the legal relation of LSP, and make a contribution to the development of the third-party logistic .
Keywords/Search Tags:the third-party logistic, the Logistics Service Provider, legal responsibility
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