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The Exploration On The Model Of Public Utility Reform In Transformation Of Government Function Under The New Situation In China

Posted on:2011-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360305476638Subject:Administrative Management
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The public utility is one key part of Chinese economy and has an important function on the social development. The public utility is a unique and an important part of China's public sector, which undertakes the duty to provide services such as science and technology, education,culture,medical care and sanitation. This article reviewed the influence and reforms of Chinese public utility , has analyzed the present situation which existence questions in the public utility reforms, provides the angle effectively from the transform the government functions and the collective services, will put forward the proposal to the future reforms.This article put the objective point to the core question of government functions- transform. Makes every effort to establish the collective services of government, and carries on the corporate reform take"the big system"as the key point. First in the analysis of government collective services theory and in the Non-profit organization rationale, elaborated the government to provide the superiority which the public product the necessity as well as had, has limited the collective services domain. Enumerated and analyzed the international experience of the utility service and the public utility reformed, proposed that might supply the government enlightenment for our country Institution reformed. Through the reform analytical study of the Institution, it proposed the Institution reforms policy support to suggest, including financial policy, social security policy and so on..Finally, this article also through the present situation to introduce the tendency of public utility develops. And take the higher education enterprise reform as the example, the analysis of higher education reform present situation and the reform social meaning, will propose the higher education reform a new way in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:the public utility, the transformation of government functions, public service
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