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Analysis On The Construction Of Service-oriented Local Government In China

Posted on:2011-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Jiao Yulu, a model of cadre, public servant and good example of the country party Secretaries.The spirit of Jiao Yulu is a great intellectual treasure for the Party in China. His spirit is not only a strong ideological motivation for the development of our Party and the nation, but also provide a powerful weapon to cultivate the Party spirit and the work style of all cadres. April 1 ,2009, Xi Jinping, Vice Chairman of China, inspected Lankao County, where Secretary Jiao once worked, and delivered an important speech. This is what he puts about the spirits of Jiao Yulu: cherish the people and serve them heart and soul; carry forward the fine tradition of plain living and hard work; keep to the principle of being scientific and realistic; proceed vigorously under whatever complicated and difficult conditions; serve the public with great dedication. To sum up, the essence of Jiao's spirits is Serve the People Wholeheartedly.February ,2004, Premier Wen Jiabao delivered a speech about the"establish and implement the scientific concept of development" on the special class graduation ceremony to the provincial and ministerial-level leading cadres, clearly pointed out the meaning of service-oriented government, provides the macro guidance to the experts and scholars on the study of service-oriented government. Service-oriented government is not groundless but with its strong theoretical foundation support, including the theory of serving the people;Governance; new public management ; new public service and democratic administration.Local government has a relatively unique position in the Chinese government system, play a role of connecting link between the preceding and the following, it is not only a more comprehensive response to changes in the political system, but also embodies the interaction between state and society. At present,China's service-oriented government has got some improvements, but does not satisfy the masses, so, the local government and public servants should guided by the spirit of Jiao, and strive to satisfied the masses with the services-oriented government. The prime problems in the service building of local government are: weak sense of service: as the impact of government-based, ignoring the people's rights for too emphasis on the authority of the government; from the control means ,putting management and penalty on the main place, the service function has been weakened. Fuzzy functions: Since the resulting in the expansion of government functions , government should not control all of the business, increased administrative costs, reduced administrative efficiency. Old system: it can not meet the request of the service-orionted government, it have to reform this outdated system. In the primary process of building service-oriented government, we must carry forward the spirit of Jiao, so that government and civil servants serve the people do unconsciously。The spirit of Jiao is wealth of Lankao, but also a valuable spiritual wealth of China. The service-oriented government for its content,it's essence is to serve the people, is the spirit of serving the people is reflected in the current era of people-centered, the two are consistent in nature: people-oriented service concept, the fine style of hard struggle and the same powers and responsibilities of administrative principles ; role is complementary, since the concept of mutual support, and function are mutually reinforcing.In probation under the spirit of Jiao, the major issues in how to build local service-oriented government is focused on the reform of government institutions in China. To highlight the service concept, change the government standard and the official standard of thinking, foster awareness of administration according to law, strengthen the government's responsibility and to consciously respond to the service needs of the people. Construction of basic service government also can not do without a high-quality civil service, improving the quality of the foundation itself, the key is the civil service must be based on person's consciousness, but also improve the assessment of the government and its civil service system. Also speed up the public service system, improve public service capacity。To implement the 17th major spirit, the Second Plenary Session adopted at the meeting "on the deepening of the administrative system of opinions", to provides the overall guiding ideas and principles in building the satisfied government, and this has a great significance on the construction.
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