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Studies On Legal System Of Venture Capital

Posted on:2011-09-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Z ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360305481470Subject:Economic Law
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"Science and technology are primary productive forces", and this thesis shows that science and technology, especially the development of high-tech, play a key role in economic in today's world. High-tech promotes a country's rapid economic development fundamentally, The innovation of science and technology is the continued momentum of economic growth, therefore, the development of high technology and promoting scientific and technological achievements to commercialization and industrialization are the only way for any one country for rapid economic development. However, any country's financial resources are limited, and the support of high technology is also limited within a certain range, especially when the human society is going into the knowledge economy era, the Internet technology, bio-medicine, telecommunications, genetic engineering, new energy, new materials and other high-tech industries are booming, development of these industries show the urgent need for financial support, venture capital came into being. Venture capital in the promotion of high-tech development has inherent advantages, it can promote scientific and technological innovation system to establish and improve, promote the adjustment of industrial structure and economic structure, improve corporate finance system, optimize the allocation of capital, provide a lot of job opportunities and increase national wealth. The history of venture capital industry has demonstrated its indelible contributions to the development of high-tech and socio-economic. To support the development of venture capital industry is becoming the world consensus.The development of venture capital industry in the United States shows great charm to the world, almost all of the high-tech enterprises draw venture capital during their development history. For example, Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo and so well-known international companies have, without exception, the introduction of venture capital to obtain the needed capital and advanced management concepts during business start-up period. In China, Shanda, Tencent, QQ, Alibaba and other high-tech enterprises also introduce venture capital as strategic investors, and have achieved great success. At present, all countries are working hard to guide and encourage the venture capital industry in the process of economic development, vigorously promoting rapid and healthy development of venture capital. Studying the history of venture capital in the development of the international community, especially the U.S. venture capital industry, we find that the development of the venture capital industry demands for national policy guidance and system supply. Venture capital industry can not develop without the active participation and strong support from the country, of which the most important thing is to provide the relatively sound legal system environment for the development of venture capital. In order to pursue the healthy and stable development of the venture capital industry, the sound legal system is required, which fits with the "rule of law" concept.Venture Capital Legal System is a systematic project, requiring in-depth exploration and research of the current legal system, therefore, the study of the legal system of venture capital industry in contemporary China has important theoretical and practical significance. This thesis studies the development process of U.S. venture capital industry deeply to discuss China's venture capital development and build China Venture Capital Legal System. First, the thesis explores the concept and characteristics of venture capital, in order to get a clear connotation of venture capital; Secondly, the thesis probes the legal system of venture capital industry in United States, where venture capital industry is most developed, and summarizes their useful experiences to China's venture capital industry; Thirdly, the thesis studies the legal system of China's venture capital in detail. Finally, the paper draw a legislative framework of"The People's Republic of China Venture Capital Law", which can provide useful suggestions for venture capital legislation .The legal system is a guarantee for the rapid development of venture capital, the development of venture capital industry is inseparable from the support of national laws and regulations. To support the development of venture capital industry vigorously must improve the legal environment,the country's legal system is a prerequisite for the development of venture capital industry.
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