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Research On Governmental Policies To Migrant Workers' Unwilling Return

Posted on:2011-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360305484255Subject:Administrative Management
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Surplus rural labor force migrating to the city is an inevitable product of that our country accelerate the transformation from rural, agricultural society to urban and industrial society. It spawns the new term "migrant workers" who belongs to the particular "new working class". It forcefully promotes the transformation of our economic system and structural. Meanwhile it also promotes the rapid development of China's economic and society. However, there is also a phenomenon of migrant workers return. That is many migrant workers give up working and living in the city, re-packed up and returned home. The direct reason of migrant workers return home recently is the world's financial crisis in 2008. But there are some deeper reason behind the phenomenon, such as Urban-rural dual structure unfair policy barriers, The level of knowledge structure and cultural differences of migrant workers, etc. These factors directly led to the unwilling return of migrant workers. The unwilling return of migrant workers not only blocks the process of our system's transition, restricts the pace of economic development, but also produces a series of complex social problems. To find the reasonable solution to the problem of migrant workers unwilling return, which could elimination the negative impact of unwilling migrant workers return, our governments at all levels work together actively. This research topic is aimed to develop the countermeasures and suggestions for the government policy, and solve the problems of migrant workers unwilling return effectively.The article firstly summarizes and analyses the current situation of the migrant workers'unwilling return, and uses "push - pull" theory to analyses the directly and indirectly causes of the migrant workers'unwilling return. Find that the unfair policy barrier under the urban-rural dual structure is the basic reason. Then we analyses a series of negative effects of the unwilling return, and the aim is expatiating the importance and necessity that the government draw up science policy to response to the issue of migrant workers. Then we review the success of the successful experience which the previous government responded to the unwilling return of migrant workers. Secondly the article analyses the relevant policy which the government response to the migrant workers'unwilling retuning recently and summed up the advantages and shortcomings of the Government's existing policy. At the last, based on the analysis of existing government policy, we indicate that on the one hand the government should continue to adhere to and improve the existing policy responses; on the other hand we also try to give some measures and proposals to deal with the elimination of existing policy measures and recommendations to elimination the defects of the existing policy. Such as, convert the thinking to develop active policies: develop the new agriculture, develop the township enterprises, speed up urbanization, develop the political system and support development of the new culture in rural; speed up the reform and innovation of the core policy: Household registration policy, employment policy, social security policy, land policy, education and training policy, to protect the reasonable and orderly flow of migrant workers.
Keywords/Search Tags:migrant worker, unwilling return, governmental policy
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