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The Big Game And Small Game Of Central Asia And Outside Region Of Caucasus

Posted on:2011-12-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360305487290Subject:International politics
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Central Asia outside highland area ground Europe and Asia interior region, since is beautiful strategy to extend of ex- follow, is also the strategic area that Russia the United States carries out strategic defense. The energy is abundant here, petroleum and natural gas of Caspian Sea become big country's object. After"9.11" affairs, the United States multiplies by anti-terrorism war moment distinctly to Central Asia extend, Since the end of 2003, the United States incites of "color revolution" be like many rice promises the dominoes is similar to stretch to postpone in the only allied body region; Take NATO as to carry the United States of body to determinedly promote NATO east to expand, strategic intention of "with space system Russia" of breaking of success in Russia, "game" of American Russia plays more here strong more.Although Central Asia five countries is with each other the same neighborhoods, outside of Caucasus Mountain landscape connects with each other, the brotherhood outside also exists too many boon gratitude and grudge hatred. Because the race, religion antinomy is complex, the boundary, territory exists controversy, the rampant behavior of "three influences"s, the Central Asia outside highland area presents to public a field "small game" again.The Central Asia outside highland area is the close neighbors of China, is the importance of safety environment in China exterior to constitute part.Economic development and society of situation to China of this region are stable to go to a pass importance, China should adopt aggressive strategy with should to Central Asia outside highland area of various variety.This text is totally divided into three parts. The first part introduced Central Asia outside highland area to play an important role in the international strategic structure and form. Second part and the third part corresponded topic to particularly analyze the important contents of "big game", "small game". The last part inquirying into is China of the close neighbors to cooperate with Central Asia outside highland area safety of foreground.
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