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Study On The Harmonization Of The Relationship Of "Two Committee" In The Progress Of The Villagers' Autonomy

Posted on:2011-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the implementation of household contract responsibility system and the evolution of the democratic process, the villagers self-government as a new grass-roots democratic institutional arrangements coming into view.30 years of practice has repeatedly proved that self-help rural villagers in rural development and stability, conducive to long-term stability. It is socialism that Chinese characteristics is an important form of democracy, but also is an effective way of rural governance in the new historical conditions.Villagers in rural China practice, "the two committees" highlights the growing problem of lack of coordination, a serious threat to the party leaders and villagers in rural areas of the normal operation of self-government, a threat to rural economic development and social stability, and therefore the "two committees "issue has become the key issues of village governance in China. In order to get rid of the rural party branches in the plight of two Commission relations, grass-roots party organizations trying to "two votes" system, "two recommendations and one election", "face it", "Three Views of a" mechanism for such general election the party branch innovation, branch established on the basis of the expression of public opinion, the rural party branches and village committees the power source and the inherent unity of the system specifications to meet the needs of the development of village self-government. However, these four kinds of system innovation is not fundamentally solve the "two committees" deep-seated contradictions.Therefore, this paper from the "two committees" to write. from the historical origins, in accordance with the "two committees" functions of the evolution of the historical context, to find "two committees" the crucial of conflict, and through analysis resolved at this stage "two committees" contradictory system design found that progressive in its history, and identify shortcomings, and attempts to identify the "two committees," their position, the development of rural economy and improving the village support "two committees" quality of measures proposed adjustment to the villagers self-government in China to further improve make a useful discussion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Villagers'self-governance, Village organizations'relation, Adjustment
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