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Reservoir Resettlement System Design

Posted on:2011-10-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J R ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360305969865Subject:Water conservancy and hydropower construction project management
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As China's level of development and utilization of water resources continues to improve, thus triggered a corresponding increase in immigration issues, today, to sustainable development as a new period of world socio-economic development strategy, the community is more concerned with immigration issues, reservoir resettlement placement ideas and development policy is at the great changes and development period. Choose reservoir resettlement systerm design of the study is to adapt to this new situation, a systematic review and study this problem, how to staff affected by the project resettlement to provide a viable recovery plan, so that their losses be compensated, so that their standard of living improved or at least maintain the level before the project is clearly necessary.The major resettlement is based on objective analysis of the environmental capacity to determine the number of migrants and the resettlement sites. In this paper, at home and abroad through the resettlement on the Theory and Research study, the development of domestic and foreign migration profiles and typical case analysis and summary of the theory and policy on immigration-related laws and regulations based on the study and analysis, combined with a large number of related literature on reservoir resettlement made a detailed exposition of the system and to focus on water projects under construction in Shaanxi, Li River Reservoir immigration as empirical analysis. Completed the following three main elements:1)In the reservoir area of production population.In the production resettlement population model based on the analysis pointed out that the lack of computational model, and model improvements; of various models have been classified in comparison, summed up the best conditions for each model application.2)The selection of resettlement areas. My view of the current resettlement policy designated areas, mostly the preparation of the resettlement planning process of the resettlement areas and inadequate knowledge preferred reality, in dealing with the importance of resettlement area optimization based on fuzzy AHP-based decision-making, prediction and evaluation of the resettlement area to sort, set up an intuitive, simple, practical resettlement area optimization model of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation.3) The number of identified resettlement areas. Against our country some of the current resettlement areas only immigration authorities to determine the number of subjective and intuitive by virtue of the distribution, the lack of objective scientific and reasonable method of calculating the real situation in this paper, the main people in the area of each resettlement production and living index analysis and forecast based on the establishment of a more reasonable calculation model.Through the above three steps, on the resettlement work of the system design, from theory to establish a scientific and feasible methods of calculation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Reservoir resettlement, product placement, resettlement area optimization, settlement size, index system
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