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The Problems And Solutions Of Alienation Of Non-governmental Organizations

Posted on:2011-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L PengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360305981302Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Since the reform and open policy, the national government structure has transformed by a traditional Yuan administrative centralization management pattern to the multi-dimensional government pattern, the civil rights strength withdraws gradually from some social domain.The country controls the relaxation has brought many freedoms to the citizen, from this causes China's residential society to establish separately gradually with the political country, and has formed own independent status.The residential society emerges enable to have one as the administrative relative person's citizen to be possible with to establish the relatively fair legal relationship as the administrative main body government the platform, but displays the non-governmental organization to this kind of time tendency most powerful annotation starting.The non-governmental organization is English Non-Governmental Organizations transliteration, English condenses NGO.NGO took the modern society structure differentiation the product, has mainly manifested a third space which between the country and the society exists, is representing rights of citizens consciousness awakening with the enhancement.Therefore through carries on the real diagnosis to the non-official organization the comparative external analysis and the research, may excavate the NGO existence the rational foundation, from this and further awakens citizen's main body consciousness, establishes between one kind of main body between the citizen and the government the sexual relationship, finally alleviates the contradiction and the conflict which between the administrative main body and the administrative relative person exists, constructs one kind to have the deep deep service brand mark administrative law order.Establishes one kind of reasonable administrative law order the process, in fact is the process which a citizen and the government gambles.When the citizen carries on gambling as the individual and the government, not only has in the status and the information inferiority, moreover easy to fall into frequently overemphasizes""in the independent consciousness, from this intensifies the tension which and between the government exists.But the non-official organization's appearance has provided a clear way for this question solution.Through to the non-official organization's characteristic, the structure, the goal and the idea carries on the real diagnosis analysis, we may discover this kind of organization has the form very good atonement citizen had taken the administrative individual the inferiority, has provided a very good model for the citizen and government's cooperation, just like the preceding text said the establishment one kind take associates as between the primary coverage main body the sexual relationship, thus revises the citizen to take the individual overemphasizes""independent consciousness.Therefore entrusts with through NGO as the administrative relative person's citizen one kind comes from the strength which produces in resources sharing, may give more citizens and the government carries on gambling the capital, from this urges the government to change the tradition to have the order meaning administrative idea, if can accept the way by one kind of administrative relative person to cooperate, then clear appears the establishment service government the modern administration government by law spirit.Although NGO to modern government by law construction greatest impetus function, but this organization itself still has many flaws to await improvements.Not only that, because our country is in sole possession of political system and legal rule, majority of NGO inevitable having"official"the administrative color, this causes NGO to have one kind of disassimilation throughout in the development process the possibility.What NGO disassimilation? Refers is the NGO development deviation sets up when the original intention, in the citizen and in government's gambling process, more from embarks as the administrative main body government's angle facilitates between both the cooperation.Does this can cause is in the inferiority in the status the citizen rights and interests even more not to be able to obtain the safeguard originally.This kind of disassimilation caused the non-official organization to become completely has caused the catalyst which the administrative main body and the administrative relative person intensified contradictory.In order to prevent this situation the occurrence, we must embark from the non-official organization's essence, take its organization composition as the foundation, designs a set of effective guard mechanism, thus is NGO provides one to be possible the benign development path.
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