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A Study On The Perfecting The Law System Of Micro-Credit In Rural Area Of China

Posted on:2011-09-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360305981448Subject:Economic Law
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Rural Micro-credit which especiall provides low-income group with unsesecured loans has been in active for nearly thirty years in China.It made significant contributions for the poor out of the poverty.During the past ten yeats ,the indorsement of Chinese overnment made rural micro-credit rapid development .for the missing of the regulation on micro-credit,rural micro-credit has encountered many difficulties,such as legal subject status is not clear,internal control mechanisms are inadequate, narrow sources of funding , the legal regulatory framework for micro-credit is missing,plus internal management riskof rural microfi-credit and market risks credit risks and natural disasterrisks in the process of operation,all of these factors have hindered the sustainable development of micro-credit.For the difficiulties ,just rely only on our current normative documents is still far from enough.A general review of well-developed micro-credit in rural areas in Bangladesh, Indonesia and other countries, have developed a dedicated special micro-credit to adjust laws. Therefore, while vigorously promoting innovation in rural financial system today, we should base on China's current development practice in rural micro-credit, combine with the international success of microcredit to improve the legal system of China's rural micro-credit for the development of China's rural micro-credit to provide a strong legal underpinning. .Based on these considerations, the paper uses a comparative analysis, empirical analysis, and comprehensive study of the method in China's rural micro-credit, the existence of legal difficulties were discussed, and in accordance with China's current development status of rural finance and micro-credit-related laws and regulations, proposed a sound legal system of China's rural micro-credit ideas and proposals with a view through the establishment of a sound legal system to promote the cause of China's rural micro-credit developed steadily.This article keeps along to the innovative financial system path in rural china, to approach a construction of micro-credit legal system based on actual conditions in China. There are three sections here: section one state the concept and substantive characteristics of the rural micro-credit, besides development situation in china. The emphasis is discussing recently both external and internal risks of the rural micro-credit in china and the legal difficulty; the second section presents the successful experience on micro-credit in other countries, which is a revelation to develop rural microfinance in our our ; section three is based on the foregoing two sections to bring up the construction of our rural micro-credit legal system, including giving us a clear legal status of the micro-credit subject, the operation and the regulation as well as the framework of supervision in micro-credit project.
Keywords/Search Tags:micro-credit, legal control, prudential supervision
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