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The Construction Of Land Contractual Management Rights Transfer System

Posted on:2011-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L G SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360305989644Subject:Civil and Commercial Law
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Since the eighties of the twentieth century, the household contract responsibility system in China since the implementation of rural society has undergone tremendous change, a prosperous agricultural economy and rural living standards have greatly improved the implementation of the system also contributed to the rural land contracting and management rights transfer market, the cultivation and development. Government departments have also introduced a number of relevant policies and regulations to promote transfer of land, however, comprehensive view of the current flow of the status quo, although the transfer of the scale of this century than the last century, there was a significant improvement, but the turnover rate is still not high, and other development there is a big gap between countries. How to effectively promote the large-scale land operation rights transfer contract, the scale of agricultural operations, is the theoretical circles research focus.In this paper, land contracting and management basic theory of transfer of the right start, summed up current land contractual operation right of the status quo and problems of circulation, through the analysis of the obstacles affecting land transfer factors, propose appropriate reform measures and proposals with a view to a macro-perspective, the right to land contractual management to conduct a comprehensive analysis of transfer and constructed a complete land contractual management rights transfer system.This paper is divided into three parts:The first part of the contracted land management right transfer of the basic theory, land contracting and management to define the meaning of the right to introduce the transfer of contractual operation right of way to explain the transfer of contracted land management right is all about.The second part of the land contract system obstacles to the transfer of management rights. Began by listing the current status of land transfer, land transfer and then analyzed the impact of barriers to the legal system, property rights, catch up with barriers, obstacles and market functions of the government institutional barriers.The third part, through the second part of the obstacles affecting the land transfer analysis of the factors accordingly put forward a sound system of the four policy recommendations.
Keywords/Search Tags:The right to land contractual management, circulation, obstacle
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