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Research On The Women's Political Participation In The Background Of Building Socialist New Villages

Posted on:2011-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360305995399Subject:Political Theory
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The policy of Building Socialist New Villages which proposed from 2005 has been on five-year period.More and more farmers have participated in the home construction whose demand is "producing development, wealthy life, polite phenomenon, clean and tidy appearance and democratic management".As one significant majority of the farmers,women also play an important role in the new rural construction.The idea of rural women's across our state has received an unprecedented liberation, the creativity of them has received an unprecedented developing,the political participation of them has received an unprecedented advance.Many academic community also have carried out projects about the rural women's participation in grass-root governance.Study the rural women's political participation is not only progress to the implementation of women's political rights, but also for the deepening of China grass-roots democracy and autonomy. It has vital significance to the comprehensive development of new rural construction.This paper uses empirical work, analyzes the data which from nine towns in XiaoDian Region of TaiYuan, considers the rural women's political participation.Through the three participation variables:the breadth,the depth and the validity, the article discusses the achievements and problems in present situation.The purpose of this paper is not to pose a national conclusion, but to explore significant phenomenon, put forward many tentative explanation, and appropriate for the ideas and the paths of later research.I hope this paper will have a higher value for the healthy development of the rural women's political participation.I also hope the scholars who study this subject pay close attention to the elite women and the mass women, influential factors and feasible countermeasures.And then deepen the study of rural women's political participation.Apart from the introduction, the paper is divided into four chapters.In Chapter 1,I introduce the interrelated theories;explain the selection of survey area and the dissemination of the questionnaire.At the same time,I affirm the rural women's achievement from four aspects, such as agricultural production family life,cultural construction and village-level governance.In this way, I show the background of women's participation and prove the necessity of them.The chapter 2 to the chapter 4 is the main parts of the article.I integrate the investigation material and the data, analyze the rural women's political participation using these three participation variables:the breadth,the depth and the validity. The chapter 2 studies the breadth of participation. The number of the participants and the fields of the participation is increasing, but the economic level influences the breadth. The chapter 3 studies the depth of participation. The adequacy and institutionalization of the participation is improving, but the level of education influences the depth. The chapter 4 studies the validity of participation. The efficacy and the influence of the participation is strengthening, but because of the non-equalization between the elite women and the mass women, parts of the women are marginalized.This inefficient impedes their participation in the political life.Finally, I make a preliminary conclusion. It must further improve the rural women's political representation. The follow-up scholars should focus on the differences between the elite women group and the mass group in the rural women.Otherwise, the relative activity of the elite women may lead to the marginalization of the mass women's profit. I hope the follow-up scholars can continue to attach importance to the influencing factors, the characteristic of these groups.Through these efforts,seek an effective way to promote the rural women's political participation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Building Socialist New Villages, The political participation of rural women, The breadth of participation, The depth of participation, The validity of participation
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