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Study On Legal System Of China's Green-credit

Posted on:2011-06-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y GongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360308459091Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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In October 2007 in 17th NPC, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao made the government work report to building "a resource-saving and environment-friendly society." In other words, economic development can not expense of the environment, must be based on the structure and improve efficiency, reduce consumption and protect the environment basis. And how to make environmentally friendly state in the case of fast healthy economic development, environmental law scholars before a big subject.In particular, the current environmental problem in China is very serious, the use of simple means of environmental administration are insufficient in resolving environmental issues, how to mobilize the community to actively environmental protection serious polluting enterprises, enabling enterprises to take the environmental aspects of a theory of social responsibility research focus. Funding is crucial for their survival, but credit is an important channel for companies to obtain funds, the"green credit policy"came into being. The use of economic levers to stimulate industrial restructuring and enterprise autonomy for pollution prevention, environmental economic policy is one important part, through the control of corporate finance and guide enterprises to achieve the purpose. The Green Credit Policy be carried out three years in china ,their legal plight has severely hampered the"Green Credit Policy"system in China to play a greater role in environmental protection, Green Credit legal system is urgently needed.In this paper, by the general theory of the green credit investigation, to define the meaning of legal system of China's green credit, study the history of legal system of China's green credit, more and use foreign legal systems related green credit, analysis the status of the green credit system in China's and find out the legal difficulties it faced by, and then, give some recommendations.This article is divided into six parts:The first part is the background reasons for the topic of this paper, and to introduce the content and frame of this paper.The second part introduce three conceptions, they are: the concept of the credit, the environmental risks in the credit process, the concept of the green credit.The third part is the study of basic theory on the legal system of China's green credit. First, the author defined what is the legal system of the China's green credit, second ,he introduce the history of the green credit system, then, analysis the legal system of green credit in China is very important.The fourth part is introducing the legal system of green credit of some other countries, sum up their experience to give some suggestions to China.The fifth part is the green credit practice in China. The paper introduces three examples of commercial bank in China, like INDUSTRIAL BANK. Analyze the implementation of the legal difficulties of green credit.The sixth part is the focus of the paper, focusing on the improvement of the recommendations of the legal system of China's green credit.
Keywords/Search Tags:Green Credit policy, environmental protection, Perfection of the law
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