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The Research Of The Present Rural Community Construction In China

Posted on:2011-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360308465246Subject:Marxism in China
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Adopted urban community pattern, rural community construction is the process of governing countryside due to urbanization. Guided and programmed by modern rural community pattern, new rural construction are soundly developed toward rationalization, which makes urban rural social development and harmony of governing, and accelerates the course of rural urbanization and integration of urban and rural areas.Promoting rural community construction is to change the traditional villages into new rural community construction, which is significant to follow a scientific approach of development; expand democracy at the grass-roots level in rural areas; innovate rural social work management; perfect rural public service system; uplift the living standards and quality of life of the rural people; promot new rural construction and improve people's lives. The research and construction of rural community is the pressing needs of new socialist rural construction in China. Social programs, such as, rural education, culture, medical treatment, social security, are the basic and important terms for building a new socialist countryside. Meanwhile, the research and construction of the rural community is the inner requirement of the transformation of the local government functions. The public service capacity of the local government is not only the main component but also the direct form of the abilities of the local government. Hence, accomplishing the transformantin of the local governmnet function, we must make an intensive study of rural construction. Moreover, the research and construction of rural community are the actual demand on measuring how to develop countryside. Rural community construction is the basic prerequisite to build a moder tely prosperous society and to build new socialist countryside.This dissertation is composed of the following parts:First, analyzing the submission and main mission of rural community construction. Rural community refers to the broader area, small settlement and agriculture-orientated community pattern. Rural community construction can reflect serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and efficiently promote the harmony development between cities and the countrysideSecondly, analysing the necessity of rural community construction. It is that rural community construction is the requirement of establishing consummate public service system, the actual demand to transfor the strategy for rural development, the pressing needs to develop urban-rural integration and the demand to accomplish the equalization of basic public service.Thirdly, looked back on rural community construction practices, the article introduces several construction modes including suburb, market town and village modes.Fourthly, analyzed the existing problems in rural community construction, the article puts forward some countermeasures; differentiates several concepts; accurately deals with the relationships between management and service, governments'guidance and masses participation, new rural construction and rural community construction, and community construction and villagers'autonomy. The article also emphasizes upholding the leadership of the communist party, and displaying the Party members'exemplary and leading role.
Keywords/Search Tags:Countryside, Rural Community Construction, New Socialist Rural Construction, Integration of Urban and Rural Areas
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