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The Legal Analysis On The Rural Land Share Cooperative

Posted on:2011-11-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360308476201Subject:Science of Law
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As the theoretical study on the land shares cooperatives is weak and the legislature of it is lagged behind, there are certain problems in reform practice, affecting the further promotion and development of the land shares cooperatives. Based on an analysis on the practice and legislation situation, the writer points out the problem in the legal construction of the rural land cooperatives, and tell the responding legal measures and recommendations to improve the system.The first part, through the research on the history and content of the joint stock cooperative system, it is indicated that the joint stock cooperative system is the right choice to innovate the rural land management system. The rural land shares cooperatives is an important form. Based on the inspection of the legislation status quo of the land shares cooperative, it is indicated that the legislation should include two dimensions, one is the specific regulations about the rural land shares cooperatives, and the other is the legal documents to regulate the rural land shares cooperatives.The second part is a detailed analysis on the problems in the legal construction of rural land shares cooperatives, as the following: the legal status was not clear, the source of law was not high and ineffective, the property rights structure was not clear, the social security system and risk mechanism is not perfect, and the management mechanisms are not standard, etc.The third part, the policy proposals to improve the rural land shares cooperative legal protection are as follows: to amend the"rural cooperative law"to give the land shares cooperatives a legal status, and then safeguard the peasants' land rights, improve the land shares cooperative ownership structure, at the same time, regulate the land shares cooperative management structure and improve rural social security system, make preferential policies for supporting land shares cooperatives to support a sound legal environment for the healthy development of land shares cooperatives.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cooperative shares system, Land shares cooperative Legislative, status quo, Policy proposals
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