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The Study Of Government Performance Evaluation With Satisfaction-oriented

Posted on:2011-07-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360308482984Subject:Administrative Management
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Improving government performance has always been one of the objectives of public administration. It has improved administrative efficiency of the public management movement from the initial attempted to the sixties and seventies in the 20th century, till nineties in the 20th century governments to carry out performance evaluation of government activities that people concerned about the Government's performance. In this campaign of reinventing Government, all Governments to learn from more advanced business management concepts and experience, and applied to public administration in order to enhance its efficiency and service quality." Theory of customer satisfaction" is the public management model in the field of Governments to which use successfully, that is come from the business management theory and experience. Having driven by a wave of influence on the administrative reform in the world, China's theoretical circles, the central government and local governments have carried out a lot of useful to explore. In 2000, the concept of "service-oriented government," was first proposed by Professor Zhang Kangzhi. After that, "Service-oriented government" as a new model of government administration, has become the basic objectives of government reform in our country at this stage.Service-oriented government is the core philosophy of the Government in public administration should be the first thing to consider is to ensure the realization of the interests of the citizens to maximize. Therefore, in the positive construction of service-oriented government background, to carry out the public satisfied with the performance-oriented assessment of government performance evaluation is an inevitable trend of further development, which help to improve government performance and improve the relationship between the Government and the public to promote the socialist democracy-building is an important practical significance.The theme of this paper is that service-oriented government under the Government Performance-oriented assessment of the Chengdu-based public services available to the public satisfaction survey analysis. The full text is divided into theory, empirical research, conclusions and research prospects.Summary of the theoretical part, this article reviews the assessment of government performance as well as the definition and the history of the evolution of the performance assessment. Through domestic and foreign experts and scholars on the assessment of government performance and public satisfaction with the results of research on two aspects of the study and summarized, and combined with the government performance of our service-oriented government and the public satisfied with the status quo of development.The part of empirical research in this paper through the Chengdu public satisfaction surveys and questionnaires for the collection and quantitative analysis of public satisfaction with the service-oriented assessment of government performance evaluation of 18 dimensions, and further verification of these dimensions between the relations. Research carried out in two phases, the first stage is the stage of literature, summarized the literature on government performance evaluation and public satisfaction with the situation. And In understanding the development of public satisfaction with the status quo, based on that formation the research system of this paper. The second stage is the research questionnaire. I carried out for the public satisfaction survey and then statistical analyses the results of Survey data.In the concluding and prospects parts for this article, that has summarized the findings of the study. And to make a number of recommendations of service-oriented government in China to assess the government performance, about the assessment methods of public satisfied with the follow-up study.
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