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The Process Of Urban And Rural Integration Of Farmers' Rights And Interests Protection Problems

Posted on:2011-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360308981794Subject:Agricultural Remote Sensing and Land Use
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Our country is in an all-round well-off society and accelerate the pace of socialist modernization construction in the new stage. As a history of several thousand years of traditional agricultural country, at present, accelerating urbanization process and solve the problem of "agriculture, countryside and farmers" is the socialist modernization, to construct a socialist harmonious society, speed up the construction of new socialist countryside priority. The integration of urban and rural areas is social progress and economic development, and is the inevitable result of the inevitable choice of modernization. Along with the advancement of urban-rural integration, the rapid expansion of urban construction land, rural areas ZhengZhanYong, leading some farmers lost land or reduce the land, to the town of rural population. Farmers' land ZhengZhanYong was supposed to be the process of urbanization, enjoy the process of farmers achievements. However, in recent years with the process of industrialization, urbanization, because the land expropriation caused farmers completely lost or reduce land.In the review of related literatures, and on the basis of analysis, this article from the urban-rural integration of land-lost farmers situation land rights and interests, and reveals the land-lost fanners land rights and interests of the deep reasons, damaged during the construction of urban and rural integration accelerate land rights and interests of the land-losing farmers are discussed, the influence on the basis of urban and rural integration accelerate forward how to construct regional construction process of the land-losing farmers land rights and interests protection mechanism, and puts forward a series of measures. Research thinks:(1) Our current farmers' land rights and interests relatively weak, outstanding performance in ownership rights and void, the right of disposition, campaign-styled crackdowns, etc, the remuneration vulnerable to protect farmers' rights and interests is caused by social unrest, the coordinated development of national economy, the construction of harmonious society have negative effects.(2)Since the reform and opening up, China's urban-rural integration process from a long-term, and not into the level of urban and rural integration increases,2009, urban and rural integration development level is about 46% in the middle of the urban-rural integration and accelerating stage.(3) Urbanization of farmers' land rights exist positive and negative effects. The integration of urban and rural areas of farmers' land rights and interests of the positive influence is mainly from the peasants in urbanization, enjoy the material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization and ecological civilization, At the same time, the integration of urban and rural areas in the process of land compensation and cadres to manipulate the land circulation problems with great negative farmers.(4) Put the land rights and interests protection mechanism of peasants basic ideas:①Perfect land expropriation system;②Perfecting the social security system of land-lost farmers;③Improve domiciliary system reform;④In the market mechanism to play to the basic role of requisition of land resources.
Keywords/Search Tags:The integration of urban and rural areas, Peasant land rights, Land Acquisition, Rights Protection
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