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Theory And Practice Psychological Test In Criminal Actions

Posted on:2011-07-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, the public security organs, prosecution and courts general practice Criminal Prosecution Performance Evaluation System.By the Performance Evaluation System, the work efficiency of the public security organs, prosecution and courts was significantly improved.But the situation that criminal procedures and systems are to avoid has been more and more. This phenomenon attracted the attention of judicial circle. On the basis of judicial circle, this paper deeply analyzed the advantages and disadvantages which Exposed in the course of the Criminal Prosecution Performance Evaluation System and the the causes of problems, pointed a few questions such as unscientific indicator, system imperfection and unsound incentive mechanism, explored ways which make the system play a better role.The paper is divided into four parts:The first part, From the concept and origin of Performance Evaluation System,I Pointed out the concept of Criminal Prosecution PerformanceEvaluation,and introduced assessment indicators,assessment requirements,assessment bodies assessment processes and the use of assessment results about the current Performance Evaluation System.The second part, The Value Pursuit Of Performance Evaluation System.I indicated that the system played a role in fighting against crime effectively,protecting the legitimate rights and interests of citizens,improving the efficiency of criminal prosecution and ensuring smooth progress of the prosecution.The third part, The Empirical Survey Of Performance Evaluation System.By introducting typical cases,I revealed zhe active roles of the system,and the negative effects of the system due to current unreasonable index setting.I also analyzed and discussed five questions in the process of implementation of this system.The fourth part, The Improvement Of Performance Evaluation System. In-depth analysis on the basis of existing problems,I proposed two measures to improve the system.First, Updating the concept of criminal prosecution and enforcing the basic concepts that Punishment of crime and protection of human rights are equally important and adhering to the basic guiding ideology that procedural fairness and effectiveness of the proceedings are equally important. Second, Improving the details of Criminal Prosecution Performance Evaluation System, Establishing and improve gradually the dynamic, scientific, and standardized performance evaluation index system,improving the evaluation agency,enhancing the incentive function of the system, increasing the daily assessment, regulateing the annual assessment methods, etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:Criminal Procedure, Law Evaluation System, Research
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